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My headboard is finally up, and I LOVE it! I originally saw this pattern on a coffee table, and knew it would be the prefect backdrop for my bed. I went out and bought a miter saw for this project (because I have a dream of having a bunch of power tools in the garage at my reno house, where I can make all sorts of cool projects) soooo you will have to either invest or find a carpenter buddy for this project. But the good news is that once you make all the cuts, the assembly takes no time, and the outcome is pretty phenomenal! With my headboard being complete, my bedroom is officially a happy oasis, now time for a nap! Step and supplies after the break…

ROOM DETAILS | DIY Colorblock Ladder, DIY Succulent Rotary phone, Target Lamp and pillow, Ikea side table,  Brooklinen Window Pane Luxe sheets, Minted Staredown Art, Thrifted fan and blanket.


What you need: 
Wood glue
Miter saw (this is the one I bought!)
Spring clamp
11/16 x 2-1/4 casing  (10 white and 10 unfinished wood pieces)

What to do:
My bed is a king size, so I cut the piece of plywood 84in wide by 48in tall  (adjust to fit the width and height of your mattress)
Then I laid out all my pieces of casing on top of the plywood, alternating between the white and unfinished wood so the short ends touched and the tall ends touched, creating little peaks and valleys.
Next, I decided where the inverse design would be, and marked at the same spot on each piece, and then use the miter saw to cut 45 degree angles (there was some trial and error to get this right, that’s why I bought extra wood)
After all the wood was cut, I inverted the pieces to create the pattern.
With the excess wood, I cut 4in pieces to line the edges of the plywood.
After I had everything in place, I used wood glue to adhere the casing pieces to the plywood and clamped them in place, then let dry for 24 hours.
If you have any jagged ends, you can sand them down after the wood glue drys.
I finished of the headboard by adding trim around the edges. Measure your perimeter and then cut pieces at a 45 degree angle at the ends to create a miter corner joint. I used the wood glue and clamps to adhere the trim.
Install by screwing headboard into the wall behind your bed. Done!

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  1. The pink pineapple says:

    I love this idea,thanks for sharing

  2. Michelle says:

    Absolutely love those labels for the towels, what a brilliant idea!

  3. Ellen Mogensen says:

    do you have a source for your bottles?
    They are hard to find.

  4. Josephine says:

    Your bathroom looks lovely. I love the towel labels, maybe then guests will actually use the guest towels we leave out. I think they would be helpful to use on the special cloths I use with my bidet, you wouldn’t want someone grabbing one to wash their face. Yes I keep them separate, but still, people can be funny.

  5. Miri says:

    Love your bathroom! Its a very cute idea!

  6. Marliette says:

    I had it to my “perfect home” board on Pinterest! Love it Xx

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