Blendtec Blender Giveaway – My biggest giveaway ever!! ****CONTEST CLOSED-WINNER ANNOUNCED****

This blog has brought me so much happiness! I have become a better cook and I have met some of the most amazing people who love food and cooking as much as I do.  I have also been sent some fantastic products.  How cool is that??

Blendtec Blender Giveaway - My biggest giveaway ever!! ****CONTEST CLOSED-WINNER ANNOUNCED****

I was recently sent the most amazing blender I have EVER used by Blendtec.  It is extremely powerful and has so many capabilities.  You can make anything from milkshakes, smoothies, soups, sauces, hummus, pasta dough, pizza dough, mayonnaise and you can also grind meat, chop nuts and cheese.  I was really excited that they also sent me the Twister Jar attachment which makes ice cream, nut butter, pesto, and pie crust just to name a few things.  I’ve made this smoothie and this smoothie so far, which my kids LOVED, and I plan on trying several recipes from the recipe book as soon as possible.

It not only is a powerful blender, it’s simple to use and cleans up easily.  It also looks great too.  This blender will be kept on my countertop because I plan to use it A LOT.

The generous people at Blendtec are offering my readers their very own Blendtec Blender Classic Wildside, the Twister Jar attachment, and Fresh Blends Recipes Book for a total value of over $595.00!!!  You get to choose what color of blender you would like – Black, White, or Red.  I chose the black one and it’s a beauty!

To enter this giveaway simply leave a comment and tell me what’s the first thing you would make with your new blender.  ****CONTEST CLOSED-WINNER ANNOUNCED****

Because this is such an amazing giveaway I am going to give you a chance for bonus entries by doing the following:

Bonus Entries:

  • Like For the Love of Cooking and Blendtec on Facebook. Leave a separate comment letting me know you “liked” us.
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  • Tweet the following statement about this giveaway. Enter to win a @Blendtec Blender Classic Wildside package worth over $595.00 hosted by @4loveofcooking
  • Post this giveaway link to YOUR Facebook page and leave a separate comment telling me you did so.

The giveaway is open until Sunday, September 23, 2012 @ 7:30 p.m. This giveaway is only open to USA  and Canada residents. Be sure to include an e-mail address with your comment(s). Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on Sunday night. I will email the winner and if the winner does not respond within 48 hours, a new winner will be chosen. Product will be shipped directly to the winner by Blendtec.


Disclosure: Blendtec provided me with my blender, twister jar attachment, and recipe book to try out and they are also providing the blender for this giveaway.  All opinions about this product are my own and I was not paid for this post.

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  1. I liked you and Blendtec on facebook!

  2. I’m following you on pinterest

  3. I subscribe to your RSS feed

  4. I am getting married at the end of October. And the first thing I would do with a Blendtec is make my new husband his favorite strawberry smoothie! This would be a great wedding present! Thanks for having a giveaway!

  5. I also liked you on Facebook. I also follow your blog religiously. I love your recipes!

  6. I know I am at the very bottom of your list, but I have been dreaming and drooling over a Blendtec for two years now. I have smoothies daily. I would make soup. I would make hummus. I would be in heaven.

  7. Janet Reyes says:

    I woul make my daughters favorite shake. We make them all the time and this would help a ton. 😉

  8. Janet Reyes says:

    Following on facebook!

  9. Janet Reyes says:

    I follow on pinterest!

  10. I followed both on Facebook, twitter and also your Pinterest!

  11. The first thing I would make is a chocolate, peanut butter banana smoothies!

  12. I follow For the Love of Cooking and Blendtec on Facebook

  13. I Follow @4loveofcooking and @Blendtec on Twitter

  14. Ciara Veron says:

    I would wish my ingredients to make my husband’s favorite fall treat… his grandma’s pumpkin bread!

  15. Ciara Veron says:

    I am following you on Pinterest!!

  16. I Follow For the Love of Cooking on Pinterest

  17. I subscribe to For The Love of Cooking via email

  18. I’m following rss and on twitter!

  19. Tracy VdR says:

    I would be so excited to try the pizza dough! Thanks for offering a great giveaway!

  20. Tracy VdR says:

    I subscribe to your RSS feeds too!

  21. I like you on facebook and am following you on pinterest. I want that blender SO BAD!

  22. I would totally grind my own grains and make a delicious sourdough, first and foremost. Yes, i’d follow that up with a nice pesto, but bread is always the first thing to pursue!

  23. Debby Priebe says:

    I would love to look through the cookbook before deciding what to make first but a good milkshake would be a great start.

  24. The first thing I would make with the new blender is MARGARITAS! 🙂

  25. Wowwww!!! That blender looks amazing! I love how it enables you to make such a diverse array of foods. It’s crazy that it spins so fast that you can make hot soup too! Fingers crossed I get a chance to use it 🙂

  26. I would make a yummy margarita with fresh lemon, lime and blood orange juice with a jalapeño mixed in for a little zing!! Wanna join me??

    xoxo ~D

  27. I liked For the Love of Cooking and Blendtec on Facebook!

  28. I follow For the Loving of Cooking on Pinterest!

  29. I am now following @4loveofcooking and @Blendtec on Twitter!

  30. I don’t have a blender, I don’t even have a stove at the moment, but I cook everyday on burners and a giant toaster oven and there’s nothing I would love to make more than some sauces and the first one would be a mole sauce!

  31. The first thing I would make are apple spice muffins. Just in time for the fall season!

  32. I subscribe to RSS through google reader!

  33. I “liked” both of you on facebook

  34. I like “For the Love of Cooking” and “Blendtec” on Facebook. 🙂

  35. I would make a smoothie!

  36. Kem Rappe says:

    I would have this blender! I am what I consider a “basics” cook and I am trying to expand my cooking skills. I would love to make a roasted vegetable soup! Love your recipies!

  37. Oh! The first thing I would make in this blender would definitely be a smoothie. I have one every day, so it would have a very happy home. I’d use greens and frozen fruits to really test it out. 😉

  38. Following on Twitter!

  39. Following on Pinterest!

  40. My girlfriend said if I win, she will make me a smoothie!

  41. I am following you both on tweeter

  42. Jessica S says:

    What a great giveaway!! I’ve been dying for a blender so I can make smoothies for breakfast every morning. I also would make lemon artichoke hummus (my fav!)

  43. David Brenner says:

    Hi! I would make my signature Lime Jalapeno Pina Colada!

  44. I’d be making fruit smoothies, for sure! I liked you on FB, both under my personal account and my blog page. Love your recipes!

  45. Fall weather…would be making soups every day!

  46. I follow you on FB!

  47. Jennifer Strickland says:

    Yay! So glad I can comment now. Thanks! I would have to make some garlic hot sauce. Yum!!

  48. Jennifer Strickland says:

    I also follow you on Facebook, have for awhile!

  49. And now I am following you on Pinterest as well 🙂

  50. Following Blendtec also!

  51. I’d probably whip up some delicious smoothie as soon as I opened the box!

  52. I would make a double berry smoothie! Yummy!

  53. I’m followin you and Blendtec on Twitter!

  54. I just left a tweet about this giveaway!

  55. Liked both pages on facebook

  56. I’m an email subscriber!

  57. I’m following your boards on Pinterest!

  58. Tina Bour says:

    Hummus or fresh salsa, can’t decide which!

  59. I would make “Mom’s salsa”!!

  60. Most definitely we would make smoothies!

  61. Kristen M. says:

    I have always wanted a blender powerful enough to make nut butters.

  62. I love this blender, and I would make something that required crushing ice, because that’s my blender pet-peeve! Margaritas for everyone!

  63. And, I like you on FB!

  64. I would make ice cream!

  65. I also “liked” you on facebook!

  66. Lots and lots of smoothies!

  67. I follow via RSS feed

  68. Kristen M. says:

    I subscribe to your RSS

  69. Kristen M. says:

    I follow you both on twitter

  70. Kristen M. says:

    I like you both on facebook

  71. I would make smoothies for my kids. a.k.a. trick them into eating… well drinking their vegetables.

  72. i would make a fruit smoothie

  73. Just posted to my FB profile that there is only a couple hours left to register to win!

  74. i follow you on pinterest

  75. And now I am following you on Pinterest…

  76. I have used your recipes and lovee your site. I LIKE you everywhere!!!

  77. Now I’ve liked you and Blendtec on FB…

  78. The first thing I would make with the blender is broccoli cheddar soup. Found an amazing recipe that calls for either a nice blender or food processor.

  79. Hedi Boulay says:

    What to blend first… Smoothies? Ice cream? If I had this I’d blend everything :o)

  80. I am following you on Pinterest!

  81. I subscribed to your RSS feed!

  82. Would make a great protein shake with fresh fruits and vegetables even try some meats in this.

  83. We have been using your site for a couple of years now and we LOVE it! I was recently diagnosed with celiac disease and our transition to gluten free has been fairly simple due to recipes you provide. They are simple, delicious, and fresh. My first recipe with the blender would be a gluten free pizza crust, then on to some ice cream, and some fresh fruit smoothies!

  84. I shared this page on FB! Oh, I need a new blender. The one we got off our wedding registry 8 years ago is dying and we use it all the time!

  85. The first thing I would make would be a smoothie! I don’t currently have a blender and am always admiring smoothie recipes that I come across.

  86. I would make oatmeal smooties for a whole week so I didn’t have to make them each night and rewash the blender each day!

  87. I’d make an ice cream shake

  88. I saw a berry infused butter cream waffles recipe on the blentec facebook page that I would love to try. Looks amazing!

  89. For the love of cooking AND blendtec liked on facebook

  90. Following on pinterest

  91. Aimee Fehner says:

    Would have my husband make some of his fantastic hot sauce!

  92. Posted giveaway link to facebook

  93. Aimee Fehner says:

    I liked you on Facebook

  94. Aimee Fehner says:

    I am following you on Pinterest.

  95. Aimee Fehner says:

    And I shared this link on my facebook page

  96. I would use the Blendtec to make smoothies! My son broke my Kitchen Aid belnder over the summer and I’m going through wthdrawals without one 🙂

  97. My 60 year old husband cares for my 87 year WWII father in our home while I work. You’ve been my go to site since I made your veg. lagasna. Husband now suffers from Acid Refulx, I have to monitor what foods he and Dad eat, as well as mush it up. This blender sure would beat mushing by hand. Thanks, Pam, your site is the best for those of us who love cooking and food. Just signed up for you RSS feed, thanks!

  98. Signed up for your RSS feed this morning. Can’t wait! Your site is a lifesaver for ideas, when there are none, you save the day.

  99. Elizabeth S. says:

    First thing I would make would be pizza dough – just because I can!
    Thank you so much for the giveaway! Love your site!

  100. Elizabeth S. says:

    I follow you and Blendtec on Twitter!

  101. Elizabeth S. says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  102. I would make some kind of slushy fruity drink because I’m so tired of blenders that don’t crush ice nicely!

  103. Elizabeth S. says:

    I like For the Love of Cooking and Blendtec on Facebook!

  104. I also subscribed to FTLOC in my RSS feed reader. Thanks for the giveaway!

  105. Natalie Phillips says:

    I would make a mango pineapple smoothie!

  106. Natalie Phillips says:

    I liked FTLOC and Blendtec on Facebook!

  107. Natalie H. says:

    I would definitely blend up batter for Hootenanny pancakes. Simple I know, but ‘t’would be the first! Thanks!

  108. I would make my son a Chocolate milkshake. He loves a homemade milkshake and he would get the first offering!

  109. MichelleF says:

    I would make smoothies for the family!!! How exciting!

  110. MichelleF says:

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  111. Stephanie says:

    I would make strawberry daiquiris!!!!

  112. This is an incredible giveaway indeed !! The first thing I would make with this blender is my favorite mango milkshake 🙂

  113. Liked For the Love of cooking on Facebook !

  114. First thing I would make would be salsa.

  115. I would make some fresh vegetable and fruit juices and toast you!

  116. Mary Harris says:

    I will make a smoothie with my good rice protein!!!!!!!